The Power of a TOURNEY: Local Law Enforcement Give Back

There’s nothing quite like a golfing green on a summer’s day. The soft grass stands immobile in still, windless air. The birds chirp, golf carts roll mechanically, and nine irons stir up angular clods of dirt. Every so often, the satisfying sound of a white thermoplastic orb falling comfortably into its cup echoes along the Holiday Valley Double Black Diamond Golf Course. As the hills rise around an immaculately groomed 18 holes, it is hard to imagine anything less perfect.


This June, the Ellicottville Police Officers’ Association (EPOA) is hosting an idyllic Golf Outing for amateurs and professionals alike. Their second one to date, the event promises to be even better than its predecessor. The EPOA, a non-profit organization, purchases equipment and supplies for our local men-in-blue. To that end, they also strive to provide Criminal Justice Scholarships for aspiring officers at our local school. Proceeds from the Golf Outing go towards this worthy organization, whose goal is the betterment of the entire community.


The event promises a wide variety of golf-themed fun. A four-person scramble and a 1pm shotgun grace the agenda, as well as a must-attend Chinese Auction. The $100 entrance fee covers greens fee, golf cart, dinner, and auction entry. This year’s auction boasts lots of local deals, including gift cards to many of Ellicottville’s wonderful establishments, goodie baskets, and other surprises. Last year, the auction featured a rustic bar with its own Kegerator (refrigerated beer dispenser). 


“It is a great time for our officers to play golf with our locals, business owners, visitors, and lots of other law enforcement agencies,” says Amber Graham, local officer and event organizer.


Graham, a police officer in the Town of Ellicottville for the past 6 years, has been in the profession a total of 13 years. 


I wanted to become a police officer to help people and serve the community,” she says. “I may not live in Ellicottville, but I love it and I try to be active in the community and at local events.”


“The most rewarding part of my job is helping people,” she continues. “Most of the time, we see people at their worst whether it's an accident, scam, or any other type of police incident. I can say that all of our officers go to great lengths to help everyone.  We are extremely lucky as police officers in the Town of Ellicottville. We have awesome locals and business owners.” 


At its core, the EPOA Golf Outing exists to help people like Amber Graham, devoted officer and mother of three, to better the lives of those around them. Whether it is helping a stranded teenager or dealing with a life-threatening emergency, the Ellicottville Police Department puts forth their best and bravest. We are lucky to call the local police force our own. 

Join in celebration of our knights in shining armor on Thursday, June 27th for a fun round of golf and to show your support at the same time. To sign up, call Amber Graham (716-860-2107), Kelly Bigos (716-353-0340), or Jim Bouchard (716-863-9957). You can also sign up directly at the Police Department with your players’ names and funds, or mail payment to PO Box 936, Ellicottville NY, 14731. It is sure to be a great day filled with good food, golfing, and a grateful police force, always ready to serve.

By Spencer Timkey

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