Enchanté Cabaret

Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 25 for a fun evening at the Ellicottville Gazebo to see a live performance of O’Malley’s Irish Pub by Enchanté Cabaret.


Enchanté Cabaret is a professional performing arts company that performs all over the Western New York area, as well as the Northeast and Midwestern regions of the United States.


You may have seen the show performed as a dinner show last September in Ellicottville. This show at the Gazebo will be a first for the company as far as the performance style not being a dinner show, which founder and lead character Todd Wagner and I talk about in the following conversation.


Since its humble beginnings as a small cabaret show in 2001, after 9/11, Wagner knew there was a need for something that could bring people together and focus on the arts instead of the tragedy. After a few years of performing the show part-time, he started performing full-time to accommodate the requests being received as word spread.


Named the Best Cabaret Show in the Northeast, this is a must-see if you love the arts and could use an hour or so of relaxation and enjoyment and the perfect escape from the everyday hectic world.


Wagner and I talked about the show and the places the show has performed, as well as areas that seem to have more of an appreciation for what they are seeing … one being Senior Centers. “Senior Center shows are big because a lot of them can’t get out to see the show, so I bring the show to them,” stated Wagner.


Come out and see O’Malley’s Irish Pub performed for the first time in a Gazebo ... a fun and theatrical evening is promised to all that attend.

For information on the show, search the group on Facebook or head over to enchantecabaret.com. (Editor’s note: The website is currently in process of being shifted to a different format but should be up and running soon!) If you would like more information on booking the company for a future show please call Todd at 814-366-1575.


A Conversation with Todd Wagner

HULICK: You will be performing at the Gazebo in Ellicottville on July 25 as part of their Summer Gazebo Series. Tell me a little bit about this performance.

WAGNER: At Enchanté Cabaret we do dinner theater shows and traditional theater shows. For the show at the Gazebo, it lends itself to either/ or. Brian McFadden of the Ellicottville Chamber saw one of our shows last year and he really loved it, so he wanted us to do O’Malley’s Irish Pub for their Gazebo Series this year.


HULICK: How many performers will you have with you for this show?

WAGNER: There will be a cast of three.


HULICK: In general, do you have cast changes for each booking or is it the same cast that travels around?

WAGNER: My primary actress is Sharon Rula Backos, and then I bring in different singers that are needed throughout the year, depending on what my needs are.


HULICK: Do the performances include a band or is it on a track?

WAGNER: We used to have a band but then it got too hard to keep that up with the traveling so everything we do now is track. It’s what you consider jukebox musicals where we write and produce a script and story and then incorporate well known songs into the script from artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, Phantom of the Opera, Andrea Bocelli, etc. That creates one cohesive style of a show.


HULICK: How long have you been doing this?

WAGNER: Since 2001 … after 9/11 happened. That’s kind of like when we first starting doing it.


HULICK: We certainly needed music and the arts then, and we certainly need it now.

WAGNER: Yes, exactly. It’s just kind of turned into a small little thing over the course of a couple years and then around 2004-2005 I started doing it full-time.


HULICK: You perform all around the area, as well as many other states …

WAGNER: Yes. We are based out of Jamestown, NY now. I’ve traveled over the last 15 years … all over the Northeast and including Florida with our shows … also Maine, Vermont, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania … pretty much everywhere.


HULICK: How many shows do you do a year?

WAGNER: We do about a hundred shows a year.


HULICK: Is there a certain place or area you like playing more so than others?

WAGNER: No, not really. I love everywhere. People are people … that’s what you find everywhere no matter where you go. They just want to be entertained. I do find it more refreshing when we go into the smaller communities and do the shows because they appreciate it a lot more than going into the big cities where there’s so much more going on. They don’t have the luxury of having constant entertainment in the smaller communities. When we do something there it’s nice … they appreciate it more.


HULICK: Do you do seasonal or holiday shows like Christmas?

WAGNER: Every single show that we do is an either/or. The way it’s written we can do the Irish show, a Christmas show or our big Halloween musical and do it in a restaurant, a banquet hall or a regular theater … it can even be in a living room or a gazebo … it doesn’t really matter what or where it is. This performance in the Ellicottville Gazebo will be the first time we’re doing O’Malley’s not as a dinner show. That’s exciting and I’m really looking forward to it. I hope everyone will come out and see us!



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