Shared Retail Space: A Growing Trend

Temps are in the 80’s, flowers are in full-bloom, hiking trails are packed, and local businesses are bustling. This can only mean one thing - summer has officially arrived in Ellicottville! What better way to celebrate the season than by welcoming two new businesses: Moriarty’s Mustard and Flowers off the Farm. These incredibly talented, entrepreneurial ladies are making their debut on the Ellicottville retail scene at their new shared-space location. Their creativity and drive will sweep you into the summer breeze before you know it! 





If you’re interested in highlighting your next culinary masterpiece, whether it be with a delectable four-course meal or something as simple as a dip or dressing, the sweet and spicy taste of Moriarty’s Mustard might fit the bill, and may even clear your sinuses! This forty-year-old recipe has traveled through Kathleen Moriarty’s family, and has been graciously passed down to her.


As mustard demand from her friends and family increased over the years, her new retail location at 10 Washington Street in Ellicottville just made sense. “I used to make it in high school and college, and friends loved it,” she continued, “… gold crack, they called it. I used to spend Easter at a friend’s house, but they wouldn’t let me in without the mustard!”


The history of Moriarty’s Mustard runs deep. “My mother adapted it from another recipe she had, and started selling it in Buffalo before my brothers and I were born. At one point, a local set of brother thieves broke into my parents’ house and stole her ‘mustard money,’ and a TV. They left the TV on the window sill because it wasn’t worth anything!” Kathleen said. Her father lovingly had t-shirts, baby onesies, and aprons made for her mother. In fact, Kathleen still has the apron and a t-shirt.


Kathleen’s retail location is a stunning work-in-progress. Beautiful hardwood floors coupled with black cabinetry, white countertops, and a relaxed vibe really make this a place she feels happy in. In fact, her space will also double as a retail/pick-up location for Flowers off the Farm, a local, family-owned farm and florist. The mustard shop/floral pick-up can be visited by entering through Ava Grace Fashions and going straight through to the back.


In addition to her new shop, Moriarty’s Mustard is now featured in a dish on the menu at The Ellicottville Brewing Company on Chautauqua. Kathleen said, “It’s a really nice open-faced sandwich on rosemary baguette with beef tenderloin, brie, and red wine cured onions. Stephen Brooks, chef at EBC Chautauqua, did a great job putting the dish together … that guy knows what he’s doing!”


Kathleen’s famous mustard can also be purchased at her brother’s butcher shop, Moriarty Meats, The Farm Shop in Buffalo (corner of Lexington and Ashland; their dairy farm is actually in East Otto), Nature’s Remedy, and the Winery of Ellicottville. Customers can also order online via Instagram or by email (see contact info below).


“As far as how I use it, I’m a purist. I enjoy thinly sliced ham with provolone, mayo, tomato, and Moriarty’s Mustard! Everybody else seems to put it on just about anything … using it as a marinade for grilling, salad dressing, mixing it with tuna, hard boiled eggs, beef stew, pancakes (yes!), or just by the spoonful,” Kathleen said.


All mustard-making aside, Kathleen is a simple girl who operates on a simple principal: “love your family and a small circle of friends, open your eyes and ears, and pay your bills.” A true food lover at heart, Kathleen enjoys practicing law, starting and ending the day with her man, biking and walking, keeping an eye on her nephews and niece, and generally enjoying the simple things in life. For more information on Moriarty’s Mustard, swing by Kathleen’s retail location at 10 Washington Street, find her on Instagram (@moriartysmustard), or email her at 





When single mother Nicole Polino and her three young boys decided to remain on their local Ellicottville farm a few years back, they combined their strength, desire, and overall grit, and set a goal to become agriculturally zoned; they achieved this after two years of hard work! Nicole knew there was a need in the community for a passionate local florist and flower provider who was close by and family driven. With the help of her boys, she created “Flowers off the Farm.” 


“We grow an abundance and variety of flowers for any occasion, ranging from personal home gardening, mixed pots and fresh-cut bouquets, to seasonal flowers, wreaths, annuals, and perennials,” Nicole said. However, her true specialty is in floral arrangements for major life events, such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and occasions of the like. 


Nicole’s farm fresh bouquets are infused with not only spectacular blooms, but also fresh eucalyptus, rosemary, and a variety of fragrant herbs. Her arrangements are known for being pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the senses. “Each piece created is unique and prepared to please,” she said. Although her farm is about five minutes outside of the village, Nicole has a flower retail and pick-up location right in Ellicottville at 10 Washington Street, a shared space with Moriarty’s Mustard.


As her business continues to grow, the latest addition to her flower services is the exciting launch of their Flower CSA (flower share). Nicole explained, “Similar to farm share, we provide fresh cut bouquets for 10 weeks, July 19 through September 20. Bouquets can conveniently be picked up at our new flower location at 10 Washington Street.” Ten weeks of fresh flowers is $200, and limited shares are still available. Please feel free to call 716-258-8655 for details.


“Also new this year, I’m adding a sunflower field for all to come and delight in the view of our beautiful and humble farm. This will provide a memorable experience for all to enjoy. It will also make a great opportunity for photographers to have a stunning background, for wedding photos, family photos, and so on,” Nicole said. By appointment only, their field will be free of charge.


Well-known for being a hardworking and outgoing mother, Nicole has had a love of horticulture from a young age. She and her sons aspire to be self-sufficient and provide a good, honest service to their community. Along with flowers, they harvest their own produce, meat, and eggs, and enjoy homesteading as much as flower growing. Much of this passion can be credited to Nicole’s history of working in greenhouses and on farms.


“I love the charming and small village that is Ellicottville, with its big sense of community and spirit,” Nicole said. “When you patronize or refer our business, you are supporting a local, family-driven farm. I’m honored to be a part of this passionate group of small businesses, and I want to work fervently with and for my family and community so that we can continue to operate a reliable business with a strong reputation for many years to come.”


For more information on Flowers off the Farm, call 716-258-8655, email, or find them on Facebook and Instagram (@flowersoffthefarm). Nicole concluded with, “I’m always brainstorming new projects and ideas, and thinking of future creations for my upcoming brides. I feel it’s very important to provide a customized experience for their magical day! I very much enjoy hanging on the farm with my boys, working as a team, and kicking back to admire the fruits of our labor.” 

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