Mission Monday

Don and Gayle Ploetz needed a way to give back to the community. As Springville lifers, the tight-knit, small-town vibe had been so good to them - and without it, they wouldn’t have had the success they’ve enjoyed in owning Concord Crest Golf Course. The most pressing question? How to give back to so many people. 

Small businesses are inundated with donation requests at every point of the year. While every cause is worthwhile, you can only give so much to so many before it starts to significantly eat into your bottom line. The Ploetz’s, assisted by the help of their daughter Anneliese, concocted the perfect solution: Mission Monday. 

The concept is simple. At the beginning of every summer, an independent committee would review the donation requests and plan them for a particular Monday throughout the summer. On those days, Concord Crest would donate 10% of their sales to the charity or cause. Everyone is a winner. 

“We make sure that every charity or organization that we give to is local,” Anneliese Plyler said. “Throughout June, July and August, we’ve got these people that really touch you with their stories, their struggles. And it’s the sort of thing where you can’t wait to give back.” 

Every May, they use the power of word of mouth and social media to begin the nomination process. Instead of asking people to simply recommend a cause, they ask them to give the reason. 

“There was a local family, and the son was affected by hydrocephalus. The doctors told the father to abort the child, and he is now 2-years-old. So WNY Hydrocephalus has been a huge part of his life. It’s stories like that, where you feel the personal connection and see how big of a deal it is.” 

The largest checks Concord Crest have donated are in the $300-$350 range, and while Mother Nature plays a huge role, the outpouring of support from the local community of golfers has been outstanding.  This year’s chosen nominees include the Springville-Chaffee Hospital Foundation, Love, Inc. of Springville, WNY Hydrocephalus, Miles for Smiles (out of the John. R. Oishei Children’s Hospital), the Springville/Concord Area Food Pantry, the Youth Organization of Springville, and the Comforting Hugs Foundation. 

Want something to really tug at your heartstrings? The Buffalo Underdogs Rescue, slated for July 30th. BUR takes dogs from shelters (and a kill shelter in Eastern Texas) and brings them to their new, adopted homes in Buffalo. 

“We encourage these organizations to come on their Monday and set up a table. It puts a face to a name for our golfers, and lets them know who they are supporting. Our mission is to help the community in supporting their (the organization’s) mission.” 

Mission Monday is a one-of-a-kind fundraiser that focuses on bringing the community together and benefiting more than just one. An admirable idea by Concord Crest has turned into something much more substantial than that. 


“When Don and Gayle were looking at doing this, considering how blessed they’ve been, how could we not give back? It’s such a blessing that we’ve received … the most we can do is be a blessing back.”


For more information on Mission Monday or Concord Crest, head to their Facebook Page (Concord Crest Golf Course) or www.concordcrest.com. Concord Crest Golf Course is located at 9255 Genesee Road, East Concord, NY, phone 716-592-7636.

By Spencer Timkey

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