Interview with UPROOTED

Can you believe it is almost time for Ellicottville’s Summer Music Festival? Well grab your blankets and lawn chairs and meet on the Holiday Valley foothills on June 29 for a night of great music.


Uprooted, the newly formed band put together by lead singer Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, are looking forward to their return to the festival with a different take on Rusted Root songs that you heard them perform in 2016.


“Rusted Root is taking a break and working on some solo projects,” said Glabicki recently by phone. “We will be doing some new versions of older songs, along with some new songs from the new album we are working on under the umbrella of Uprooted.”


Some of the members of Rusted Root are following Glabicki into the new band and will be touring with him this summer. The Summer Local recently caught up with Glabicki, and during our conversation, we talked about which members have joined him for the tour, which will be playing live on Friday, June 29 at the festival.


Rusted Root started in 1990 in Pittsburgh, PA and have recorded eight albums that have sold over three million copies. In 1994 they released their first platinum selling album, “When I Woke” that produced the hit single “Send Me On My Way” that found them on the Billboard Top 100 charts.


Read on to learn more about the new sound that will define Uprooted from Rusted Root, which includes a lot more female vocals. We also touched on how their songs are part of so many soundtracks from films and television, which has garnered them some unexpected new fans.


Asking him to describe the music, Glabicki came up with a one-word answer … unique.


So make your plans for a musically unique experience in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings in the region. Uprooted will perform slopeside at Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottville on Friday evening, June 29 with opening act Funktional Flow. Tickets for Friday’s concert are $25 advance (through June 17th) or $35 at the gate. Ellicottville’s Summer Music Festival will also feature a live performance by DENNIS DEYOUNG: THE MUSIC OF STYX on Saturday, June 30th, and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on Sunday, July 1st. All ticket pricing and purchases can be made through, at area Wegmans, or by calling 1-800-349-9099.





HULICK: You are returning to the Ellicottville’s Summer Music Festival this year …

GLABICKI: Yes! I’ve played there with Rusted Root and this year will be with my new project, Uprooted.


HULICK: Isn’t it a beautiful spot where you play at the festival … on the foothills of the slopes?

GABLICKI: Yes it is. It’s awesome! We always have fun and have a great experience there. Music is so energy involved and the surroundings really affect the show, and unfortunately there are some places you go to and it’s always a terrible show because something is just not right. However, I love coming to Ellicottville because we always have a free flowing energetic time that’s a very beautiful experience.


HULICK: The village is so beautiful too.

GLABICKI: Yes it is … good food too!


HULICK: Uprooted sounds very interesting. You will be doing new arrangements of Rusted Root songs?

GLABICKI: Yes. We’re taking it to new places … some experimental stuff, some different takes on the old material, as well as playing three or four new songs from our album we are working on.


HULICK: While doing new arrangements of the older material, have you found a new or different meaning of the song that you may have missed in the original version?

GLABICKI: Yes. I think what happens is it becomes a more uplifting experience this way. I think with some of the older Rusted Root versions there were more bells and whistles happening … and doing new arrangements breaks down a new meaning of the song. It’s a more emotional impact.


HULICK: Do you have a name for the new album?

GLABICKI: Not yet.


HULICK: There are several band mates of the most recent members of Rusted Root that have joined you in this new project that are touring with you I read.

GLABICKI: You are right. We have Dirk Miller on guitar, Bobby Schenk on bass, Zil Fessler on drums and Daisie Ghosts Flower on vocals.


HULICK: I heard you were going to have more female vocals involved in Uprooted.

GLABICKI: Yes. Eventually we are going to get Emily Victoria from New York City. She will be coming in and singing with us at the Ellicottville show. On the new album we are putting both Daisie and Emily on together, and maybe even some more female singers just to get more of a layered impact with the vocals. Some songs will be presented as the group singing it and some will be the individual characters … so more of that will be going on.


HULICK: Who came up with the name “Uprooted”?

GLABICKI: That was me. I did an acoustic CD or EP about 15 years ago of different Rusted Root songs … just me on my guitar … just in my bedroom kind of thing, and I called it “Uprooted”. So when it came time to do this new project, I thought let’s use the same name.


HULICK: Do you write all your own material?

GLABICKI: Mostly we do.


HULICK: How do you write? Do you set time aside to do that or just whenever it happens?

GLABICKI: Whenever it happens … I’ll just stop and write … which isn’t great for relationships. (laughs)


HULICK: Your music has been prominently featured in films like Ice Age, Matilda and Twister, as well as television shows like Ally McBeal, Chuck and Charmed. I think now-a-days especially it seems that music is so much a part of the film or show.


GABLICKI: You’re right. It’s funny … for example the movie Ice Age … kids grew up listening to our music in the film and now we have kids coming to our shows and they like our music. To them we’re huge rock stars … (laughs) … and that’s kind of fun.

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