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“It was the most confident ‘absolutely yes’ in my whole life,” said Ellicottville-native Suzie Evans of her decision to embark on a mid-life career change and become the owner of Herbs R4U Health & Wellness, located at 1465 Foote Ave. Ext. in Jamestown, NY. Evans, who owns the store with her business and beloved life partner, John Ditcher, has embraced her new role as owner of the well-known store, which has been serving the area for over 20 years! “People are becoming far more cognizant about what goes into their bodies, and I’m really committed to helping people feel good,” explained Evans, who brings valuable experience as a former employee of Ellicottville’s Nature’s Remedy. “The support has been overwhelming! From family to friends to brand new customers, we’ve really felt the love here. It’s humbling.”


Also the former manager of East Aurora’s Roycroft Inn, Evans discovered a passion for helping others at Nature’s Remedy. The owners, long-time friends of Evans, encouraged her education in natural health at their store and were huge supporters of her decision to purchase Herbs R4U when it became available for sale last year. Evans has been managing the store since October 2017, and in April became the official owner. “It doesn’t feel like work to me,” said Evans, who has embraced this new career with enthusiasm. “We have the most wonderful customers and I’m so fortunate to have inherited an amazing staff!” 


Indeed, natural health consultants Kim Kester, who has been practicing natural health for nearly 20 years, and Dawn Williams, who has been with Herbs R4U for over 15 years, are committed to helping customers live their healthiest lives. Evans has been thrilled to welcome new staff members including manager Cassidy Brown, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Karen Hansen, health coach Ashley Anderson and herbalist Hannah Wallin. “We’re always learning every day,” explained Evans of the staff’s commitment to the field of natural health. “We’re really committed to staying educated and current through taking classes and keeping up with the latest research.”


Customers, too, can take advantage of Herbs R4U as an educational center. Evans said, “We have several books for sale but also a great library with resource books and literature from our vendors. We do our best to pass on as much information to our customers as we can. There’s so much to learn! We learn from each other every day, from our customers, and the ladies at Nature’s Remedy are still such wonderful mentors to me!” 


Herbs R4U is a one-stop shop for numerous natural health products and services. Evans continues to carry many of the products that customers have enjoyed from past ownership, and now offers new products that have quickly become favorites. Evans carries more than 500 products by Nature’s Sunshine, a company trusted by the natural health industry for over 40 years. Additionally, Herbs R4U carries Nature’s Sunshine’s essential oils, which have been on the market for 25 years. Herbs R4U stocks a huge variety of bulk herbs, which can be purchased in any amount, nuts, local honey, teas, seasonings, natural skincare products and so much more. 


As the owner of a small business, Evans is far from immune to the competition of the Internet; however, customers can gain so much more from an experience at Herbs R4U than an online purchase. “At our business, you get us. We work with you one-on-one, we hear your needs, and we want to help. There’s no embarrassment here! We’re honestly passionate about helping you live the best possible version of your life,” said Evans. 


Indeed, the store’s incredible offering of classes and events makes it a destination. Services include massage therapy, reflexology, pain management, Tibetan Chi Accuya energy work, full-body imaging (thermography), yoga and more. Evans offers many free classes and seminars throughout the month; highlights from this spring included “Building Better Bones,” memory loss, eye health and last month’s “Evening with the Bee Keepers” from Clymer, NY. 


“This is a really busy store - and that’s not bragging! It’s proof that people just want to feel well and live longer. The key to true happiness is your health,” said Evans, who looked out onto the busy parking lot. “That’s why I do this. I really want to help people feel good.” 


Embrace health and vitality at Herbs R4U this summer! The store is open from 10am-5:30pm Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturday. Learn more by following Herbs R4U Health & Wellness on Facebook and HERBSR4U on Instagram.  

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