Aurora Light & Bronze

Ellicottville’s newest business promises a refreshing experience with services and products inspired by Alaska’s northern lights. Aurora Light and Bronze, LLC is the dream of mother/daughter owners Debi and Jessica Bacelli, whose passion for helping others look and feel their best informs every aspect of their business. From top-notch tanning technology to vitality-boosting services and products, the Bacellis bring great energy and a unique business to downtown Ellicottville.


Aurora Light and Bronze, LLC opened its doors at 23 Jefferson Street in January, and business has been growing ever since.  “Word of mouth has been working great for us,” explained mother, Debi, whose own mother is from Alaska, a heritage that inspired the name (a take on “aurora borealis”) and several of the business’ products. “Tanning and sauna technology have come such a long way, and people are loving the immediate results they get here,” said Debi.


A customer favorite is the Norvell spray-tan line, which is the same brand used by the pros on “Dancing with the Stars.” Customers can expect a natural-looking bronze (no orange-y color!) that lasts 7 to 10 days or even longer with products available in the salon. “This is a great service to take advantage of before weddings or big events,” explained Debi, who recommends that a spray-tan appointment be booked 2 days before the event for an even, transfer-less bronze. 


For those wishing to achieve an authentic bronze color, the Bacellis offer two different tanning experiences. The S-Class tanning bed offers immediate results and all customers are guided by Debi and Jessica’s individualized tanning recommendations. “We’re very careful about how long we let someone in based on their skin tone and the questions we ask about their skin and how they want to look. So far, I’ve never had anyone burn,” said Debi. 


For an all-over sun-kissed look, the stand-up tanning booth is a great choice, and is available for 10-minute sessions. Customers’ experiences in both the bed and the booth are further enhanced by a wide variety of moderately-priced and high end tanning lotions, such as the popular “Jersey Shore”-inspired Snooki line. “I think they’ve come a long way with lotions,” Debi observed. “You don’t get that after-smell and your hands aren’t discolored. Some lines, like the Snooki line, are for indoor or outdoor use. I have customers with skin sensitivities and that line works well for them. In general, companies are much more careful about the lotions’ ingredients now.” 


For a rejuvenating experience, enjoy the salon’s infrared body wrap sauna technology! According to Debi, the research behind this technology has been done by Nasa and various medical groups. “When the body is exposed to the infrared heat, it releases nitrous oxide and that helps with muscle healing and detoxification. Our sauna wrap is like a silver sleeping bag. It’s set at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and you can go into it for 35 or 40-minute sessions. For 36 hours, it helps improve blood flow and relieves headaches, back pain, muscle aches and more,” said Debi. 


Additional health benefits include weight loss. “We have slimming lotion oil and disposable sauna suits that you wear inside the wrap. These help you sweat and keep the wrap clean. You can burn up to 600 calories; it’s important to stay hydrated and consult your doctor first if you’re on blood thinners,” said Debi. 


Take the Aurora Light and Bronze experience home with you by shopping the selection of health-inspired products. Debi carries products from the Alaska Glacial Mud Company, featured on “Shark Tank” and made with mud from Alaska’s Copper River. “I carry a great product for men with beards: the all-natural Permafrost Beards Collection, made by a 22-year Alaskan veteran. I’m the only one in the lower 48 states to carry this line of beard balm, oil and wash,” said Debi. The Bacellis are also proud to carry Wild Alaska Chaga, an antioxidant-rich tea made from chaga mushrooms harvested in Fairbanks, Alaska. 


“We love supporting other small businesses,” explained Debi, who carries local honeys from Smethport, PA and local handmade jewelry. The Bacellis also incorporate the services of other wellness gurus from the area. The salon will soon be offering Reiki and crystal healing on Wednesdays. The salon has also hosted a psychic, who conducted readings during Ellicottville’s Girls Getaway Weekend at the beginning of June. “We’re just trying to keep it unique and local,” explained Debi, who can’t wait to add new services, such as an infrared cocoon and another tanning bed before fall. 


To learn more about Aurora Light and Bronze’s services and products, visit their website at and become a fan of their Facebook page. To book a service, call 716-265-1980 and be sure to ask about tanning packages!

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