Women's Weekend ... Reinvented

Show me a mom who doesn’t need a little “girl time” every now and then, and I’ll show you a toddler who enjoys cleaning his room and eating his vegetables at every meal.
My point exactly.
Whether you’re a mother, a girlfriend, married, single, a sister, an aunt, a grandma, or just a girl who likes to have fun and unwind with her gal pals on occasion, there’s a weekend in Ellicottville dedicated to you. We call it: Women’s Weekend.
We’re not saying you should leave the men and boys in your life at home (although if you want to, it is totally justifiable). If you do decide to drag them along, there are plenty of options here that will keep them busy and entertained while you’re off doing your thing - all the more reason to pack up the entire family and come out for a fun weekend June 2-3, 2017. And for those moms who want to introduce something really cool to their daughters, this may be the perfect opportunity to grow, learn, and bond with your little (or not-so-little) girl.  Don’t forget to add Grandma to the list because she - possibly more than anyone else - deserves this getaway and will most certainly appreciate the invitation.
If Women’s Weekend sounds familiar, it’s because it isn’t a new event for Ellicottville … rather, a reinvented one.  Women’s Weekend had a good run starting in 2007 and offered a plethora of fun and invigorating activities for women of all ages.  Following a timely hiatus (Women’s Weekend’s last appearance was in 2011), the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce is excited to reinstate the event, this time with even more enthusiasm.
The return of Women’s Weekend replaces last year’s inaugural Ellicottville Outdoor Expo …
“My staff and I are always striving to improve our events and we felt that a Women’s Weekend event would be more all-inclusive to our membership,” replied Brian McFadden, Executive Director of the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, when asked about the return of Women’s Weekend and the committee’s decision to replace the Outdoor Expo with it.  “We will still include outdoor adventure, but that will not be the entire focus. Instead, many different businesses in the village and town will now be able to participate.”
Indeed, outdoor adventure is definitely a big draw for Ellicottville, which has successfully built itself up as a four season destination as a result. And although paddleboards, bicycles and hiking trails will still be popular activities available during Women’s Weekend, now you’ll be able to add in some yoga, naturopathic education, fashion workshops, shopping incentives, and even a mixology class to your bag of weekend entertainment. Thirsty anyone?
So while the guys are getting in 18 holes at Holiday Valley’s Double Black Diamond golf course or fishing nearby creeks and streams, here is a list of just a few of the fun girlie activities that Women’s Weekend will cater to …
Welcome Reception: No retreat would be complete without a welcome party!  A special reception Friday night at the EllicottVillas will invite participants of Women’s Weekend to mingle, pick up their registration packets and goodie bags, and have the opportunity to review and meet the instructors of all the activities/classes being offered.
Yoga: Laura Solly, owner of Laura Solly Yoga and Daff Drygoods, was a member of the original Women’s Weekend committee during its previous 5-year run.  “The Women’s Weekend theme is a natural fit here in Ellicottville,” she said. “We have so many women-owned, run, and created businesses in this town that deserve to be celebrated, especially as women’s rights and activism are at the forefront of politics and social activism now more than ever. We all love to come here and shop, eat, laugh, drink wine, talk, and be healthy with our spas, yoga, hiking, etc.  Women's Weekend in Ellicottville is the perfect opportunity for all of that.” Laura will be teaching Hatha Yoga classes including meditation and breath work along with some partner poses.  At Daff, Laura and her staff are already putting together plans to decorate the store festively and invitingly for women, and they’ll be offering an in-store special for shoppers as well.
Essential Oils: Nature’s Remedy will offer workshops on Essential Oils and the many different benefits, applications for daily use, fun questionnaires that participants can fill out to asses which oils will be most beneficial for them, inhalation sampling, and the opportunity to “make and take” your own essential oil.  Kristina Barlow, Ellicottville native and Naturopathic Doctor for Nature’s Remedy, is excited to share her wealth of essential oil education with other women during Women’s Weekend.  “I never attended any of the Women’s Weekend events when Ellicottville used to have them; I always lived away,” she said. “One of the reasons I came back to Ellicottville was to be part of a community where people know and care about each other. I’m excited that this event is returning, and even more excited that I can be involved.”
Scarf Tying: Ava Grace Fashion’s scarf tying videos on Facebook have opened up the door to new and different ways to wear scarves.  Owner Jessica Maynard will offer scarf tying sessions at her store (located next to Katy’s Cafe). “It’s going to be a fun hands-on event and each person will get to leave with a new scarf at the end of our workshop,” she said. For those who already wear and love scarves, this will be a chance to pick up new ideas or share their tips with others in the group.  And for those who say they don’t wear scarves or have no clue what to do with them, no worries!  According to Jess, “This will be a fun crash course in adding a bit of color and style to any outfit using scarves.”
When the day is exhausted and you’re ready to kick back and relax, there’s no better way to wind down than on a poolside chaise lounge where the cocktail waitress will happily bring you a fresh strawberry daiquiri or classic margarita. (This is where you can meet back up with your other half, who has most likely lost his fair share of golf balls by this point.)  Holiday Valley’s pool complex will be open, the Cabana Bar will be serving up all sorts of tropical treats, and you’ll be glad you took the time to venture with your girlfriends (or family) to beautiful Ellicottville, New York for Women’s Weekend 2017.
Details including required pre-registration, fees, activities schedule and more can be found at ellicottvilleny.com.
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