Energize Your Soul

In this age of technology that we have come to know and love, many do not realize the negative side effects that are a result of the energy produced by modern luxuries. Everyday items such as TVs, appliances, computers and cell phones all emit positive ions. These positive ions can lead to negative impacts on our health such as headaches, insomnia, poor concentration, allergies and even weaken the immune system. Who hasn’t sat in front of their computer all day and not felt completely drained after? I know I sure have. 
Well there is good news for all us techie addicts. A simple fix awaits at the Ellicottville Salt Cave. A fix that you can take home with you … a Salt Lamp. 
A salt lamp will diffuse negative ions into the air that will negate the positive ions emitted from our electronics. Negative ions are found at the ocean, waterfalls and in electric storms; it is why we feel stress free at the beach, as if our soul has been re-energized. We finally have an answer for why the sea re-centers us and cures all … or is it the margaritas and daiquiris?
Ahem … back to salt lamps.
Salt lamps are embedded with colors of yellow, red and orange. The orange glow produces a gentle heat - a feeling of calmness that enhances our concentration and halts impatience and angry impulses. This is all part of Chromotherapy (or Color Therapy) that heals us by using the energy of color to reorganize and rebalance our emotions along with our physical health … (Can I get one of these in my cubical stat?)
Himalayan Salt has been hailed as the greatest fundamental health re-discovery of our time, and I can see why. Just spending thirty minutes inside the Ellicottville Salt Cave lobby chatting with owner/operator Tracy Draper, I could feel the calm wash over me. It’s as if you stepped into a whole different world - the soft glowing assortment of salt lamps in a variety of shapes from elephants to crosses to the quintessential rough-cut lamp. Prices can range from $24 for a USB lamp which will purify a 64 sq. ft. space (perfect for your work office or the kid heading off to his/her college dorm), to a $150 lamp which will purify up to 225 sq. ft. When I asked Tracy if the lamps are energy efficient, she advised that it is only a 15-watt light bulb that generates the soft glow - the equivalent of a nightlight. Perfect!
Draper recently started carrying grey and white lamps which are even more rare than the pink salt we have come to recognize as the classic Himalayan Salt. A grey lamp is darker, making it ideal for sleeping quarters, while the white is better for work spaces since it helps to enhance mental clarity with the brighter white glow.  Draper advises that some big box companies tend to put a laminate over their salt lamps which makes shipping and stocking easier but reduces their overall effectiveness.  She assures that the lamps at her salt cave are authentic, coming directly from overseas. 
In addition to the salt lamps, Ellicottville Salt Cave carries other great, beneficial products such as Himalayan Salt soaps, foot scrubs, purifying bars, bath salts, inhaling stones and even cooking blocks. The product that intrigued me the most was the “Boo-Boo Stone”, which is about the size of a crabapple. When heated, it can help reduce soreness and tension in muscles; when refrigerated, it can help with inflammation and bruises. 
There are so many different uses and applications for Himalayan Salt; to find out what product would be best for you, I suggest booking a session with Draper. You can find out about all the services offered at her website, ellicottvillesaltcave.com or stop in and “Catch Your Breath.”
By Brenda Perks

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