I love wine. As a person reared on juice as a child, there’s something inherently satisfying about what is essentially alcoholic grape juice. And yet it frustrates me that it is a drink with a lot of baggage. Oftentimes wine can be derided as pretentious or sissy – somehow a lesser drink than beer or liquor that postures as something greater. Seen as the drink of country club wives and European intellectuals, it can be hard for the average Joe to overcome this stigma and unabashedly enjoy wine. Luckily, companies like Flickerwood Wine Cellars exist to remind us that wine doesn’t have to be stuffy or exclusionary. It was made to be enjoyed by all, and that’s exactly the way FWC has made it for 16 years.  As a matter of fact, Flickerwood was recently awarded the Pennsylvania Wilds Business of the Year for 2016!

Known as “The Wine that Rocks,” Flickerwood Wine Cellars first opened on Memorial Day Weekend 2000 with only three employees and four varieties of wine. Now after 16 years, they have 15 employees, three tasting rooms, and 30 varieties of wine. In spite of the expansions, Flickerwood remains a dedicated, family-oriented company. This family, the Zampognas, is united not only by blood, but by their love for two things: wine and rock & roll. The father, Ron, is the original FWC wine maker and a total fiend on the drums (hence the fantastic drum-kit logo). His current band rocks once a month as the house band at the winery. His son Rick, the current FWC wine maker, followed in his footsteps as the lead singer in his own rock band and is no slouch himself on the drums. The mother, Sue, is the Business Director and occasional singer herself at the winery. Overseeing the tasting rooms of FWC’s second location in Chester County (Oxford, PA) are the “Twisted Sisters of Wine, Rock & Food” Tammy and Julie. Together, they work to make good wine and a good atmosphere to enjoy it in, so you can feel like part of the family yourself.

Every Memorial Day weekend, Flickerwood Cellars in Kane, PA puts on the Flickerfest as a sort of birthday party for the winery itself. This bacchanalia celebrates everything the Zampognas and their customers hold dear: wine, food and music. Live music, wine and cheese pairings, a sangria bar, continental breakfast, and even a corn-hole tournament are just a few highlights of the event. The winery typically uses this time to unveil a new flavor of wine that is sure to please the crowd. Lo and behold, a much requested PINOT NOIR will be released at FlickerFest this year.  This dry red wine is a favorite with black cherry characteristics that will excite your palate.  Also the winner of the label contest for the Pinot Noir wine will be announced and the label released.  The winner will be presented with a case of Pinot Noir and a $200 prize.  As always, the first vintage is in limited supply so be sure to purchase your bottle when you come out for this year’s Flickerfest.  From May 27-30, you can celebrate Memorial Day in the traditional fashion - with lots of drinking and rock & roll.

If wine isn’t your thing, don’t feel left out. Flickerwood recently acquired a Restaurant Liquor License and now can serve up fan favorites like Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. The food is as Italian as the Zampognas themselves and includes paninis, pizzas, subs, and a variety of tasty bar snacks. The kitchen is open whenever the winery is, so food is available for your enjoyment every day.

One of the other unique facets of Flickerwood is its coffee bar (featured at their Oxford location). While coffee and wine don’t exactly mix, the argument could be made that the two beverages complement each other. One provides you with focus and the other uh … takes it away. From espressos and mochas to lattes and macchiatos, they have it all.

So if you love wine, rock & roll, or both, be sure to check out the award-winning wines at Flickerfest.  It’s a great way to enjoy a fun product made by fun people. Flickerwood Wine Cellar is located at 309 Flickerwood Road in Kane, PA 16735. For more information about FWC or Flickerfest, please visit them online at flickerwood.com or call at 814-837-7566. 

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