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A 51-year old man (J.S.) and his 48-year old wife (V.S.) are in my office for the sixth time in six months, one visit per month. Here is their story - one of success for them and satisfaction for me. Not all of my clients are this diligently devoted to their own process of healing. Nor am I always this clear on the most effective and efficient treatment plans. It certainly is fun to watch the health of those who work hard change in positive directions. Some cases are far more complicated than others, but for the most part, we truly do reap what we sow. The U.S. is shifting in our knowledge of wellness and prevention, as well as our application of that knowledge. These two clients are excellent examples of the typical American diseased adults who atypically used natural healing for six months to yield better health. Please visit my new website,, to view this systematic process of intake, assessment and evaluation leading to individualized solutions. *Initials changed for privacy.




J.S. presented with generalized fatigue throughout the day, waking 3-4 times in the night to urinate with some difficulty getting back to sleep, urinary frequency and urgency throughout the day, abdominal obesity, erectile dysfunction, dry skin, constipation (one bowel movement/day), mild depression and generalized joint stiffness. His diet consisted of either bagels with cream cheese or oatmeal with berries and coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast. Or, no breakfast at all. His lunch is typically hearty sandwiches with turkey, ham, chicken or tuna with vegetables on white, wheat or whole grain breads with one piece of fruit and chips. Dinner was always healthier and consisted of sitting down with his wife and kids. Organic, grass-fed meats or wild game with cooked vegetables, brown/wild rice or quinoa and bread with butter. In addition to two cups of coffee/day, he drank 40-50 ounces of water/day.  Every evening consisted of ice cream, cookies or a piece of cake. He is currently taking a men’s multivitamin, Lisinopril for hypertension, Simvastatin for high cholesterol (high LDLs only) and Viagra for erectile dysfunction. My analysis of his blood work showed low vitamin D3 (23), high LDLs (175), lower functioning adrenal glands, slightly elevated liver enzymes, an elevated PSA (prostate), low testosterone, digestive inflammation and dehydration. His blood pressure was 135/85 (160/90 without medications) with a resting heart rate of 70, respiratory rate of 16 and a temperature of 97.5.  


Biotracker scale

210 pounds at 6’0”

37.3% body fat %

48.1% water %

128 pounds of muscle mass

69-year-old metabolic age

6.3 pounds of bone mass  

Level 15 for visceral fat 


He has worked in construction for 30 years and has owned his own construction/contracting business for 10 years with resulting moderate exposure to various toxicities over the years. Dust. Mold. Asbestos. Paint. Glues. He finds satisfaction in physical labor with no reportable injuries. But the stress of managing his own business (with his wife) and his family is beginning take a toll on his overall health. 




V.S. presented with a 50-pound weight gain after delivering, breastfeeding and raising 3 children, moderate anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, some brain fog and low libido. Her energy is great most of the day except between 3pm-5pm. Her mood is stable. She is raising her three children and managing their home, finances and her husband’s business. She enjoys her life - family, friends and church - and works well with her husband. Her diet is similar to her husband’s diet with more protein at breakfast (eggs) and sometimes replacing lunch with a protein smoothie. Instead of coffee she drinks 1 diet coke/day and 70-80 ounces of water. Her blood work showed low D3 (26), elevated glucose (115) with normal serum insulin, FSH/LH in peri-menopause and high monocytes. Her vital signs were normal.


Biotracker scale 

180 pounds at 5’6”

41% body fat %

45.6% water %

115 pounds of muscle mass

61-year-old metabolic age

5.5 pounds of bone mass 

Level 11 for visceral fat


V.S.’s greatest concern is for her husband’s health and learning more about nutrition for the whole family. 




Diet: For the entire six months they both followed the In.Form meal plan of clean eating, portion control and vegan protein smoothies. All grains and dairy were eliminated for the first three months followed by the addition of brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, oats, organic and raw cow’s and goat’s cheeses for the last three months. They continued with no processed foods, sugar and wheat. They both also drank half of their body weight in ounces of water with the gradual elimination of coffee and diet coke. Finally, an organic, vegan protein smoothie for breakfast and an afternoon snack. 



Month 1: walked for 30 minutes, 5 days/week

Month 2: walked for 60 minutes, 5 days/week with added inclines (hiking)

Months 3-4: walked for 45 minutes, 5 days/week, with 2 days of resistance training for 30 minutes

Months 5-6: Cardio for 45 minutes, 6 days/week, with 3 days of resistance training for 30 minutes



For J.S. 

Month 1: Love & Peas Sugar-Free Protein Smoothies for breakfast, Liquid Chlorophyll in water for nutrition and cleansing, Vitamin D3 as an oil emulsion, MACA for adrenal glands and energy, Magnesium Complex to move the bowels and relax muscles, Solstic Energy - B vitamins and Equolibrium for the prostate and E.D. 

Month 2: Same as Month 1 and added CleanStart cleanse for the colon with Probiotic 11 Elevated. 

Month 3: Same as Month 1 and added Tiao He Cleanse for the liver also with Probiotic 11 Elevated. 

Month 4-6: In.Form Metabolic Age Support System consisting of a different vegan, pea protein, CardioxLDL for the cholesterol, Berberine for the colon, Probiotic 11 Elevated, a multi-vitamin/mineral, Omega 3s, Liquid Chlorophyll, D3, Solstic Energy and Equolibrium. 


For V.S.

Month 1: Love & Peas Sugar-Free Protein Smoothies for breakfast, Liquid Chlorophyll in water for nutrition and cleansing, Vitamin D3 as an oil emulsion, MACA for energy and libido, Progesterone cream, DHEA-F and Anxiousless. 

Month 2: Same as Month 1 and added CleanStart cleanse for the colon with Probiotic 11 Elevated. 

Month 3: Same as Month 1 and added ParaCleanse for potential parasites (seen with the high Monocytes) with Probiotic 11. 

Month 4-6: Changed to the In.Form Metabolic Age Support System consisting of consisting of a different vegan, pea protein, CardioxLDL for the cholesterol, Berberine for the colon, Probiotic 11 Elevated, a multi-vitamin/mineral, Omega 3s, Liquid Chlorophyll and D3.




For J.S. After 6 months, J.S. experienced improved energy, improved urinary/prostate function, better sleep, less E.D./improved sexual function, weight loss, 2-3 fibrous bowel movements/day, improved mood, elimination of dry skin and total elimination of joint stiffness. He has enjoyed the new diet, feeling very satisfied. He even has found ways to have healthy sweet snacks/desserts. He worked with his M.D. to eliminate Viagra and is working with her to also reduce then eliminate the Lisinopril and Simvastatin. We are waiting for the blood work but the expectation is improved D3 and testosterone with lowered LDLs, liver enzymes and PSA. His blood pressure was 120/82 and temperature increased to 98.5. 


Biotracker scale

191 pounds at 6’0”

32.5% body fat %

54% water %

135 pounds of muscle mass

56-year-old metabolic age

6.7 pounds of bone mass  

Level 12 for visceral fat


We are continuing to work on improving energy levels, sexual function and urinary/prostate function. J.S. is committed to the diet, exercise and continued detoxification yet looks forward to needing less supplements. 


For V.S. After 6 months, V.S. has experienced 30 pounds of weight loss, decrease in anxiety, improved sleep and brain function and a great improvement in libido. Her energy has tremendously increased and she reports a long history of having less energy than she ever realized. We are continuing to work on parasite cleansing and preparation for menopause.


Biotracker scale 

150 pounds at 5’6”

34% body fat %

48.4% water %

119 pounds of muscle mass

51-year-old metabolic age

5.8 pounds of bone mass 

Level 9 for visceral fat. 




Please visit for a step-by-step guide on how to work with me for your naturopathic care solutions. Step 1: a 1-hour phone consult. Step 2: a 1-hour visit to my office (or Skype call for distance appointments) for the explanation of your Phase 1 plan and an introduction to craniosacral therapy with essential oils. Step 3: At Month 2, prepare to start either my online In.Form classes for 12 weeks OR a 28-Day Detox with me. Step 4: For Months 2-6, meet with me once/month in order to adjust your plan accordingly. *Ask me for the Cattaraugus County Locals Discount!


Much LOVE for a FUN yet HEALING SUMMER … Dr. Kristina

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