Crabfest 2015

Two summers ago, The Summer Local took a trip to Westline, Pennsylvania to spotlight The Historic Westline Inn.  Nestled deep into the Kinzua valley, this quaint, rural restaurant has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800’s when it was the home of Edmund Day, who owned a large chemical works factory in Westline.  In its heyday (and due in large part to Mr. Day’s factory), the population of Westline was greater than 700 people.  Today, without the influx of the factory, that number is under 100.  Perhaps appropriately, the former homestead of the man who brought so much prosperity to Westline, PA is now the business that the area is best known for.  
The Westline Inn has been running under the management of its current owners since 1975.  It was then that Trudy and Jon Pomeroy and Julia Frick purchased the inn from Ruth Enis, who had been running it under the name The Enis Hotel since 1948. 
Steeped with history, these days The Westline Inn celebrates its past by doing what it does best … making delectable food!  How does food equate to a history lesson, you ask?  Take one step inside The Westline Inn and you’ll know the answer to that question immediately. 
Historical significance aside, we’re talking about a restaurant here, so the real reason to visit The Westline Inn is for the food.  Not only is the everyday menu a creative mix of entrees and appetizers, but the staff makes sure to mix it up with unique specials as well as special events, which brings us to CRABFEST, slated for Sunday, July 19.  As Trudy Pomeroy explains, The Westline Inn created its CRABFEST extravaganza about 20 years ago. 
“We wanted to incorporate food with music and we have relatives on the east shore where seafood is a really big thing, so that gave us the idea,” said Pomeroy.  “CRABFEST is an opportunity for us to showcase seafood to the people of northern Pennsylvania; they don’t have to drive all the way out to the shore to get his kind of food.”
From 3-7pm patrons are invited to indulge in Maryland blue crabs, snow crab clusters, and a smorgasbord of fresh seafood samplings, because CRABFEST isn’t just all crabs ... the multitude of seafood options will surely satisfy your every seafood craving.  All seafood offerings will be à la Carte along with drink specials and handcrafted cocktails.  No reservations are necessary and the party takes place rain or shine. 
While you treat yourself to some good food, you can also kick back and take in the musical styles of Two Guys Drinking Beer, who will be happy to help set a fun-filled mood for the day.  Two Guys Drinking Beer specializes in cover songs of good ol’ All-American classic rock, which will no doubt sound fantastic as the tunes echo throughout the Pennsylvania hillsides. 
When asked what her favorite part of CRABFEST was, Pomeroy stated, “It’s really an enjoyable low-key event where people can sit back, relax and have a good day of fun.”
Now for those of you who are thinking that Northern Pennsylvania and topnotch seafood don’t exactly sound like they go together, you’d be wise to reconsider.  The Westline Inn prides itself on its seafood offerings; on the regular menu you’ll find appetizers such as Shrimp Le Jon - broiled shrimp wrapped in bacon and stuffed with horseradish.  Or you could sample the mussels, which are rope cultured from Prince Edward Island and steamed in white wine, shallots and butter for a taste that you will not soon forget.  The seafood listed on the entrée menu gets even better.  Whether you’re in the mood for Surf & Turf or a Bouillabaisse soup, there are an assortment of options that might just make The Westline Inn your new go-to spot to quench your seafood appetite.   
So on July 19 take a drive to The Historic Westline Inn and treat yourself to a little taste of east coast sea-fare.  CRABFEST might just become your new summertime tradition.  Your taste buds will certainly thank you!
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