Certifiably Good Food

The Silver Fox Steakhouse has been serving delicious food and drinks for 40 years in Ellicottville. Gerry and Mike Nickolson had a very simplistic vision in 1974 … “create an eating and drinking establishment with the SINGLE purpose of pleasing guests.” Jump ahead a “few” years later and you can find Mike Nickolson grilling steaks to perfection six nights a week. His attention to detail is flawless and he still believes the SINGLE purpose is to please every guest that happens by … Mike and Chef Ben Watson take enormous pride in blending new ideas with signature dishes to create the very best dining experience for their patrons.
The Silver Fox Steakhouse is enrolled in the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) program. What does this mean? The CAB brand reduces the odds of a tough steak by nearly 300% over USDA Choice.  The CAB brand requires the following criteria:
  1. Marbling - the main contributor of beef juiciness, flavor and tenderness.  CAB brand must be medium to fine marbling texture.
  2. Maturity - beef harvested at the right time will have superior color, tenderness, texture and firmness.  CAB brand selects only “A” classification, which is cattle harvested younger than approx. 30 months of age.
  3. Consistent Sizing - steaks are thicker and more uniform in size.
  4. Quality Appearance and Assured Tenderness.
All of the Silver Fox’s menu steaks are CAB brand:
6 or 8 ounce tenderloin
12 ounce bone-in strip steak
12 ounce rib-eye
16 ounce dry-aged bone in rib-eye
The 16 ounce dry-aged bone in rib-eye is one of the restaurant’s more popular steaks.  Dry-aging is the process of wet-aging in vacuum packaging for a minimum of 30 days, then the beef is dry-aged for an additional 28 days.  The beef develops a tangy, earthy scent, different sheen and smooth texture.  Flavors become more concentrated and beefier. 
Every night The Silver Fox offers a variety of appetizer and entrée specials.  One of their premier special entrees that has been very well received is the 10 ounce Wagyu strip steak. Wagyu (Japanese Cow) is intensely marbled with softer fats, has higher percentages of mono-saturated fats, Omega-6 fatty acids and is lower in cholesterol than commodity beef.  The combination of these fats deliver a distinctive rich and tender flavor compared to no other beef. 
Chef Ben Watson grew up in Missouri until he was 16.  He has lived and worked in Ellicottville for the past nine years, and possesses a passion to execute and deliver the very best food.  He is the brainchild for The Silver Fox’s delightful 8 ounce Wagyu Burger: eight ounces of delicious Wagyu burger grilled with GUSTO and topped with aged-cheddar, in-house cherry smoked bacon, Bourbon braised onions and chipotle ketchup, all tucked away in a tasty onion brioche roll.
The Silver Fox’s made-in-house Bacon can be found in a variety of dishes.
Chef Ben starts with Berkshire Pork Belly that is dry rubbed with cherry bark, brown sugar and salt to create a cure.  It is cured for 2.5 weeks and then cherry smoked for 8-10 hours. Heavenly …
Not only do we eat at The Silver Fox, but imbibing is a priority as well!  The Fox has rolled out Crispin Hard Ciders – classically refined as a traditional “sweet beer” beer alternative. They are crisp and clean! Featured are the following (all are excellent on a hot summer day!):
• Crispin Natural Hard Pear Cider
• Crispin Natural Blackberry Pear
• Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider
Another tasty option … a lovely Sangria de Cava prepared tableside - Torres brandy, Torres orange liqueur with fresh oranges, lime and cherries.
If that hasn’t peaked you interest enough, The Fox houses the largest
Bourbon collection in Ellicottville which owner Mike Nickolson has hand selected (and tasted) himself!
Stop in for a visit ... ask Bartender Bob for a “mini” beer ! They are delicious …
23 Hughey Alley, Ellicottville, NY 14731, 716-699-4672
Summer Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday - bar 4:30pm, dinner 5pm.
Winter Hours: Wednesday through Monday - bar 4:30pm, dinner 5pm.
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