Bourbon and Barbeque

Bogey and Bacall.  Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Salt and Pepper.  The sea and the sand.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Some things just go hand in hand.  And at Cadillac Jack’s, pairing events are an adventure in matching great drinks with the restaurant’s specialty food items.  Next up?  Bourbon and Barbeque.
Bourbon is the perfect partner of barbequed foods for so many reasons.  They are both all-American, so what better time to offer a pairing than in July?  Not only are BBQ and Bourbon traditionally American, they are also traditionally Southern.  They both conjure images of charred wood … bourbon because it ages in charred oak barrels, BBQ because the real deal is done with wood smoke.  Bourbon offers smokey, sweet, and maple flavors that match the rich bite and spice of barbeque rubs and the tang of barbeque sauces.
Bourbon is a bold liquor, whose flavor needs the audaciousness of big, bold, daring foods to stand up to it.  Wimpy, lightweight dishes should stay in the kitchen when bourbon is being served.  It’s easy to get sauced on bourbon, and the liquor is a common ingredient in some of the best BBQ sauces. 
People commonly think of beef or pork when they conjur up the images and smells of barbeque (not to be confused with the grilling we all do in our backyards in the summer).  And while those meats are a good match for a sassy bourbon, let’s not limit ourselves to four legged BBQ foods.  Flavorful fish and shellfish - like salmon and oysters - partner remarkably well with smoke and bright sauces.  Since Cadillac Jack’s is famous for its fresh, plump mussels, these will be on the pairing menu, cooked with smoke and seasoned with spice, then tossed in the house special barbeque beurre blanc. 
Smokey barbeque lends itself to a surprising variety of foods beyond ribs and briskets.  Luxurious soups can be made from smoked ingredients; vegetables and fruits like peaches hold up well on the barbeque, and even breads can be the perfect vessel for barbeque flavors.  The folks at Cadillac Jack’s will bring some of this unique creativity to a special Bourbon and Barbeque Pairing event, to be held Friday, July 24 at 7pm at the restaurant.  The event is co-sponsored by E-Ville Spirits and Wines, and Empire North.  For more information about the event or to reserve your spot, call 716-307-8599 or email
Cadillac Jack’s has hosted pairing events for eight years, having started with matching their foods with the beers of Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown, NY.  These pairings have been a crowd favorite.  (FYI: Ommegang beers are always available at Cadillac Jack’s.)  More recently, Caddy’s has offered mixology classes, where cocktails are paired with small plates.  In June, the restaurant held a Spanish Food and Wine pairing featuring guest chef Tom Moriarty.  Look for more pairing events at Cadillac Jack’s to be announced throughout the summer and fall!
By Louisa Benatovich

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