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What would summer be without leisurely Sunday drives to off-the-beaten-path destinations … and remember that place you drove by a hundred times but never had time to stop at?  Take the scenic route through Northern Pennsylvania and discover the simplistic charm of two hidden treasures - The Model T Inn in Derrick City, and the Olde Schoolhouse Village Shoppes in Eldred. Located only 13 miles apart from each other, the nostalgic Model T Inn is a popular place to grab lunch before browsing the country elegance of all that the Olde Schoolhouse Village Shoppes have to offer.  Fill up the tank and let’s get driving!
555 Derrick Road • Derrick City, PA 16727
What do spicy cheese balls, the National Football League’s Sunday Ticket and a 1927 Model-T Ford have in common?  They’re all part of the Model T Inn of Derrick City, PA.
“It opened in the ‘40s but my family acquired it in 1996,” said Jason Campbell, owner of the Model T Inn. “We remodeled everything since we’ve owned it.”  
The remodeling included a new back room, enclosed patio, ice cream stand and, in 2000, the Model T Ford.
“My dad and I found it on eBay and used a forklift to put it above the door,” Jason said. “You walk under it before you come into the restaurant.”
Jason and his staff of eight take pride in the quality service they provide, and their menu caters to both kids and adults.  “For the little ones, we have spaghetti-o’s, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets,” he said. “Some of the specialty items popular with the adults include our grilled prime rib, made-to-order hamburgers and our steak sub, which is a big seller.”
Sarah Fuoco of Bradford craves the prime rib, as well as the restaurant’s burgers, wings and pizza.   “Really, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose,” she said, noting that she and her husband also visit the restaurant for the atmosphere.  “It’s a comfortable environment, and they make you feel very welcomed. My husband and I like to go because we have always had a great meal and it’s a nice place to relax.”
Dayna Williams, also of Bradford agreed, adding that she and her husband appreciate the quality of the food. “They have great food at good prices.  It’s freshly prepared, so you don’t leave feeling like your order was sitting around in the back waiting to be served - like fast food.”
As Jason explains it, the Model T Inn’s menu lists “a wide variety of salads for all the health nuts out there,” and also offers a Fish Fry on Friday and spaghetti night on Thursday.  “Our fish fry is a big thing around here; we sell a lot of those.  We also make our own meatballs for our Thursday night spaghetti entrees.”
Beyond the entrees, the Model T Inn provides summer activities for all ages, so once you’re finished with your meal, you may want to step outside for some extra enjoyment.  
“We have horseshoe pits, corn hole, volleyball and a big swing set so the kids can play and run around,” Jason noted. “We also have a nice big deck for relaxing, and many customers enjoy walks down by the creek.”
Customers of The Model T Inn can also take advantage of live entertainment each month, watch sports on six different TVs, and even book the restaurant for special events.
“We cater class reunions, birthday parties and weddings … I’ve had five weddings here at the restaurant, and everyone is still married,” Jason chuckled.
Any customer wishing to book an event with the Model T Inn just needs to call ahead for availability.  “They can book something anytime as long as the days are open,” Jason said. “If someone calls tonight and says they have 50 guests coming, we’ll accommodate them if we can! When you arrive, we’ll have good, fast service.”
109 Indian Creek Road, Eldred, PA 16731
“Where making it look old looks good” is the mantra behind Olde Schoolhouse Village Shoppes, according to owner Tammy Ireland.
Tammy acquired this 6,000 sq. ft. gem several years ago when she went to an auction at the former Eldred Township Elementary School to purchase some desks and chairs, never considering that she would be bidding on the building that day. Years later, Tammy and her family passionately have taken a previously very small family business and have made it into a thriving and unique place to shop. Now, this once dilapidated and vacant two-floor schoolhouse is humbly filled with home goods, fabrics, crafts, candles (their #1 seller), jewelry, food and handmade furniture from over 100 local vendors.
When asked what makes this place different from the rest, Tammy simply stated, “It is changing constantly.” She also mentioned, “You can have home goods, crafts and furniture custom ordered to any size, color and shape.” Unlike anyplace else, they take pride in being a very unique and friendly family owned business.
Each room in the chic schoolhouse is filled with nostalgic home goods set to a certain theme. There is an Americana themed room that is filled with red, white and blue galore. You will also find memorabilia inspired from the Civil War, WW1 and WWII.
Another popular room is Extreme Primitive, which incorporates the splendor of country antiques and folk art.
Country Splendor combines classic country pieces with rustic charm. The room features classic country furniture such as lamps, linens and framed art, and showcases impressive furnishings that will compliment any country home!
The next room (and probably a family favorite) is the Toy Room. “This room is all about pulling the family together,” said Tammy. A replica of an old style one-room schoolhouse, the Toy Room features classic type toys, educational toys, blocks, building sets, games, puzzles, card games, stuffed animals and so much more.  If you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist!
Looking to decorate your space with that rustic charm of the mountains or old style lodge? The Northwood’s Cabin room has everything you need - furniture, snowshoes, skis, antique tackle, and woolen blankets.
Two other rooms in the Olde Schoolhouse include the charming elegance of the Farm House and the floral elegance of Shabby Chic! You can find delicate floral fabrics, over 100 types of canning jars, rolling pins, enamel pieces, farm tables, quaint lighting and reclaimed pieces of furniture. Both rooms offer a plethora of furnishings to decorate your space.
Lastly, and most likely any wellness enthusiast’s favorite, is the Health Food Store. Schoolhouse Health Foods fits right in with the rest of the building’s theme when it comes to “keeping it local and friendly,” said Tammy. This health food store is unique for reason that it offers a consultative approach to health foods. Whether you are looking for gluten free products, local produce, organic local meats, natural cleaning products or homeopathic supplements, this place certainly has it covered! Schoolhouse Health Foods also offers free classes and naturopathic seminars. There are gardening classes taught by a master gardener as well as a cooking class taught by Sheila Peach, the owner of the health food store.
“Finding this place is like finding a gem in the woods!” said one customer. Another customer commented, “I have searched from Canada to Mexico and I have not found a place quite like this; I can’t believe it is in Eldred!”
Stop in to the Olde Schoolhouse Village Shoppes and have one of the friendly staff help you find that perfect piece to tie together a room, discover a new family heirloom, or just relish in the charming ambiance.  Come see what this “gem in the woods” is all about! 
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