EBC Menu Pick of the Month

Welcome back Summer Local readers!  I hope everyone had a wonderful winter … I know I most certainly did.  As I reflect back on what was undoubtedly one of the coldest winters in recent memory, I think of a season filled with its share of powder days and weeks that dragged on with sub-zero temperatures.  Even some the most hardcore skiers and riders were begging for it to be over by early April.  We were all in need of some vitamin D and a little reprieve from the grinding and blustery winter months. 

It’s with this sentiment that we at EBC start looking ahead to the summer season.  It is sure to be a blast - from all of the Ellicottville Chamber sponsored events, to the exciting shindigs and weekend events that Holiday Valley and other businesses in town are organizing … we are gearing up for one heck of a summer.  We have some big parties planned here at EBC worth noting, including our collaboration benefit with the local Ski Patrols and artist Michael Israel, our Stein Beer event, and the completion and grand re-opening of our outdoor beer garden. With thoughts of warm days, outdoor exercise, and cold beers filling our daydreams right now, I present this dish to you …


As the season changes, we will also make a few changes to our menu.  This spring you will notice a lighter and more summery feel to our list of menu items.  One dish in particular we are introducing is a Mexican influenced appetizer that will surely keep your tastebuds satisfied.  Wash it down with one of our fine beers while lounging in our newly refurbished beer garden, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a perfect summer afternoon with friends.

Ever hear of a molcajete?  A molcajete is stone tool, basically a medium sized Central American style mortar and pestle, used for grinding various food products.  For our application we will be using it to make and present a Guacamole dish featuring Pico de Gallo, served with our signature corn tortilla chips. (For those unfamiliar, Pico de Gallo is fresh uncooked tomato salsa, most commonly made from chopped tomato, white onion, and chilis - generally jalapenos, serranos or habaneros.)  This recipe focuses on flavor, not exotic ingredients, so it is very simple to make.  Order it the next time you stop into EBC and let us know what you think.


To make our Guacamole Molcajete, simply place 1 whole avocado in a bowl and smash away.  Once the avocado is mostly broken down, add your Pico de Gallo and give it a quick mix (the ratio of avocado to Pico de Gallo is roughly 3/1).  Shift the guacamole mixture over to one side of the bowl, and fill the other side with Pico.  Serve with some delicious fried corn tortillas.


This dish is an elegant presentation for chips, salsa, and guacamole.  With that being said, no better beer can accompany this dish than one of our summer staples here at Ellicottville Brewing Company … El Gordo Burrow. If you are so inclined, order this beer upside down on a specialized hook ever so slowly spilling into one of our delicious fresh lime Margaritas. Nothing short of toes in the sand, listening to the sound of waves crash could be more relaxing.

Come on down to EBC this summer enjoy the beer garden, grab an El Gordo, and order a Guacamole Molcajete, then just simply relax and enjoy the town we all love.  Until then have fun and be safe folks.


Josh McDowell

Chef Joshua McDowell is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts of Pittsburgh, PA. He carries a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and has recently taken on the position of Executive Chef at the newly expanded Ellicottville Brewing Company.

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