Nature's Remedy Profile: Kristina C. Barlow

Kristina C. Barlow, N.D., C.S.T.

Kristina is a native Western New Yorker who moved to Ellicottville at the age of five. Following high school she ventured to Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a minor in Psychology. After years of varied experience in the tri-state area she returned to CT for the study Naturopathic Medicine. In 2009 she received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine where she served as the naturopathic student government president for two and a half years. She is a board certified, CT licensed naturopathic doctor and has continued her education with further study of homeopathy and craniosacral therapy. Kristina works at Nature’s Remedy in Ellicottville.

Dr. Kristina's Practice

“What I love about naturopathic medicine is the support it provides for any disease. Neither the symptoms nor the diagnosis are treated but rather the person and their health. It makes sense that all of us need to be treated with anything that promotes healing. As we continually treat our bodies with beneficial modalities, we always see positive changes. Conversely, continue to treat your body abusively and you will see changes … just not positive ones. My goal is to find out how to eliminate the “trash” from the body, to stop the “trash” from coming into the body, to replenish what is depleted and to stimulate the Qi or the energy. This provides freedom for the body’s innate ability to heal itself.”

Since graduating in 2009, Kristina has come to specialize in mental and emotional health along with neurological and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. She treats each person with an individualized approach, and has seen great success in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, thought disorders, insomnia, eating disorders and addictions by utilizing homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, hydrotherapy, detoxification, botanical medicine, diet and neurotransmitter/hormone/immune system testing followed by amino acid therapy.

Typical Male Case Study

A 46-year-old male presents with a 15-year history of depression, insomnia and alcohol abuse. Various medications have been prescribed for the depression with an SSRI providing some relief yet combined with some side effects such as insomnia, anxiety and headaches. He is a hard working family man eating a typical American diet with too much coffee, sugar and processed foods and very little water, fruits and vegetables. His health is beginning to affect his family and his job. He is not sure if the depression caused the alcohol abuse or vice versa.

One month after a homeopathic intake with a correctly prescribed daily homeopathic remedy and three sessions of craniosacral therapy, he noticed subtle shifts in his energy, sleep, mood and ability to cope at home. He had the motivation to begin the process of changing his lifestyle. Within three months he began dietary changes including decreased coffee to one cup/day, eliminating processed foods, adding fruits/vegetables and increasing water intake. Supplements were added including Bee Pollen (for B vitamins, nutrients, enzymes), Magnesium Complex, Ionic Minerals, Max Relax (for sleep), 5HTP, B6 and B12. His energy, sleep, mood and family life continued to improve, while his anxiety and headaches decreased.

“Our future plan would include adding detoxification, hydrotherapy, exercise and neurotransmitter testing/treatment to this existing plan.”

Typical Female Case Study

A 34 year-old female, mother of three, presents with a 10-year history of fatigue, increased weight gain, anxiety, some depression (but she really has no time to be depressed!), diminished libido and persistent lower back pain. One of her children presents with hyperactivity, behavioral/relational problems and difficulty sleeping. Because of time and tiredness she has not been exercising, eating well or taking any supplements. No medications at this time.

In the first month, a homeopathic remedy was prescribed along with craniosacral therapy, again producing positive shifts. She began to notice changes in her mood, patience with her kids and husband, and in her energy. Having increased energy level motivated her to attend local workout classes, take some walks with her friends, organize her house and have more patience with her family. She also noticed her lower back pain decreased from a 7 to a 4. After one month she began preparing more whole food recipes, continued exercising and started a supplement program consisting of Maca (for adrenals, energy and libido), Dieter’s Cleanse (to detox the bowel and liver) and Pro-G-Yam cream for balancing her high estrogen to low progesterone ratio.

After three months her urine and saliva were tested for neurotransmitters, adrenal function and hormones. The results revealed very low serotonin (depression), low adrenal function (energy and mood), excesses of a few excitatory neurotransmitters (anxiety) and low DHEA (fatigue, brain fog, low libido, depression, dry skin and difficulty losing weight). Supplementing with various amino acids, herbs and vitamins and minerals as co-factors brought the final balance to her life.

“She should give herself a year to continue healing, losing weight and balancing the biochemistry.”


“As a woman, I love working with other women because I admire all that they manage and I have gone through this process of healing myself. I also love to work with men as I respect their role in life tremendously, along with their great strengths and their challenges. BUT … my favorite group to work with is kids, preteens, teens and college students. I find them to be fascinating, fun and full of challenges. I am deeply concerned about their diets, their lack of exercise, their stress and all the toxins and medications they are exposed to daily.

When you review case histories of teens, college students and adults, you can see at what age the imbalance began. The parent always says, ‘they were just never the same since _______.’ Parents know best … if these imbalances can be corrected through homeopathy, detoxification, nutrition, exercise and various tests, then I believe they will grow to suffer less and enjoy life more.

Through many years of experience with kids and young adults, I see how those connections make a difference in the professional relationship and the positive effects of treatment.”

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For more information about Kristina or to schedule a consultation, please call 716-353-0786, email, or visit Nature’s Remedy at 26 Monroe Street in Ellicottville, NY, phone: 716-699-4372, website:

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