Nature’s Remedy Profile: Rachel Anzalone

Rachel Anzalone, CNHP, MH, ND

Natural Health Professional Profile: Rachel Anzalone, CNHP, MH, ND

Growing up in rural Cattaraugus County, Rachel Anzalone spent much of her time outdoors. 

“I would come home from school and take walks, run, or bike the logging trails behind my house.  I grew up hanging around Sculpture Park, which was just a short hike through the woods.”   

Rachel took a personal interest in natural health in 1996 when a friend recommended she talk to the “herb girl” at the gym in Ellicottville.  In the years that followed she began to study yoga, Auyrveda, and nutrition, all for her own personal wellness. 

After college and during years spent working in marketing and business management, Rachel continued her training in natural health with the idea that she would someday develop her own practice and share her knowledge and love of natural medicine with others.  She finished her training as a Certified Natural Health Professional in March of 2010, became a Master Herbalist in August 2011, and completed a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy through Trinity College of Natural Health in February 2012. 

Now a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, Rachel opened Holistic Lakewood, a wellness center and supplement shop in Lakewood, Ohio in December of 2011.  She returns “home” to Ellicottville one weekend each month to work with clients at Nature’s Remedy.

“Coming home now (Ellicottville will always be home!), it amazes me to walk around the woods here and see that the plants I grew up with in my backyard include many powerful medicinal herbs.”

Rachel's Specialties

Digestion and hormone support have become Rachel’s specialties, although she’s happy to work with anyone having the goal of improving their health and wellness naturally.  She finds that many deficiencies and health challenges can be improved by supporting digestion with enzymes and nutritive herbs.  In her work she is most intrigued by the interconnectedness of the body systems.

  “Most people don’t realize that their heartburn and hot flashes are related or that their muscle weakness and IBS are connected to their anxiety and indecisiveness. 

That interconnectedness is one reason that Rachel enjoys working with Chinese herbal combinations for her clients.

“They address the physical and energetic body and connect symptoms that we don’t generally relate to one another in the western world.”

Women’s health is another area of interest for her.  She says that most women don’t realize that their hormonal distress is greatly affected by the foods they eat and their overall health. 

“We’ve been told that PMS and menopause challenges are normal, but that’s a myth.  Both are indications that there are imbalances in the body and neither is necessary or normal.”

She says that by improving digestion and elimination and by ensuring that the diet is supporting hormone health, many women can see substantial improvement in these areas.

Overall Wellness

When it comes to wellness, her approach is a balanced one.  She recommends people make small changes to move themselves in the direction of better health and that once they start to feel the changes, they can take bigger steps to improve their energy and overall wellness.

Recently, a client who she had been working with little by little for several months decided she was ready to make a commitment to her health.  She started with a nutritional cleanse and diet modifications and saw outstanding results.  Within two weeks her blood sugar and blood pressure had normalized and with the help of her doctor she was able to discontinue her diabetes medication and reduce her blood pressure medication by 75%.

“It’s exciting to see someone’s health and enjoyment of life improve so dramatically, but it was necessary that she make changes when she was ready.  We’re talking about lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.” 

The difference, she says, is that lifestyle changes have lasting results and residual benefits that can’t be predetermined. 

“This client’s goal was to feel better, to have more energy, and to make a commitment to take better care of herself.  Getting off her medication and losing weight were just icing on the cake, so to speak.”

Business Coaching

In addition to working with clients as a Naturopath and Herbalist, Rachel is utilizing her skills in marketing and business management to help other health and wellness practitioners to better reach and serve their clients.  She does so through web-based business coaching and mentoring programs that she has developed as she’s grown her own business.

“It’s my goal to help people improve their health and wellness naturally, and to help other practitioners do the same.  The more practitioners there are out there doing what we do, the greater the impact we can all have and the more lives we can touch.  I love to help other practitioners get their message of health and healing out into the world.”

You can learn more about Rachel Anzalone and holistic health and wellness at Or call Rachel at 216-904-2524 or e-mail to schedule an appointment with her in Ellicottville, NY or in Lakewood, Ohio.

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