Nature’s Remedy Profile: Lilian Dirito

Natural Health Professional Profile: Lilian Dirito, C.N.H.P.

Natural Health Professional Profile: Lilian Dirito, C.N.H.P.

Guadalajara, Mexico native and American citizen Lilian Dirito shares her exciting journey in the fitness and natural health industries …

Lilian was not a very athletic child growing up. Despite her father’s strong sports background as a professional baseball player and avid basketball player, Lilian led a rather sedentary childhood.

That all changed when she reached college. At the age of 20, Lilian was encouraged by a friend to accompany her to an aerobics class. That first experience opened the door to a new lifestyle for her. Through aerobics, Lilian discovered her love for movement and music … she hasn’t stopped exercising since.

Lilian is now a Certified Fitness Instructor (20 years and counting), and leads classes in aerobics, step, kickboxing, spinning, mat pilates and most recently, Zumba, which she reveals is her favorite. Zumba Fitness (a Latin dance inspired workout) has given Lilian the opportunity to touch her soul in the most deepest and fun way; the music is in her blood. “It is such a complete form of exercise - fun and very creative,” she says. “Burning 800-1,000 calories per hour is easily achieved.”

For those men and women who love to move and want to have fun while exercising, come try one of Lili’s classes at the Ellicottville Memorial Library Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 8:15-9am


Alongside the fitness aspect of her life, Lilian has also become passionate about nutrition and natural living. Over the past 15 years she has dedicated herself to study and share the benefits of natural health with others. With a major in Communications, and certifications as a Natural Health Professional, Certified Iridologist, Herb Specialist, Holistic Wellness Coach and international speaker, Lilian offers consultations in body systems/lifestyle analysis, iridology, weight management, detoxifying/energizing footbaths, super/raw food and supplement coaching. Add to her list frequent visits to Mexico where she and her family own a Holistic Wellness Center, and you can certainly understand how important the natural health field is to her.

Lilian creates fast and easy real food recipes, and helps people see how nourishing foods can make a big difference in their lives. She is an enthusiastic advocate for super-raw foods, and teaches Raw Food classes packed with creative nutrient-dense recipes. Simple, easy and delicious foods that will reduce cravings and increase energy.

Open up a whole new world by giving yourself the knowledge and training to transform the way you eat and live. Call or email Lilian to book one of these amazing Raw Food classes and change the way you think about food!


Another area of natural health Lilian practices is educating women who want to become pregnant and who wish to follow a natural path from conception to birth to after birth. Lilian has helped many women with fertility issues. “This is the most incredible feeling,” she says.

Lilian is a mother of two; both pregnancies were supported by whole foods nutrition, high quality supplementation, aerobics, yoga and meditation. She stayed active through each pregnancy, teaching aerobics and spinning classes until she was 8 months along, and walking avidly up until birthing day. Both babies were home birthed (one being a water birth) with the assistance of a mid-wife coaching team.

Through her experience, Lilian has inspired other women to choose this wonderful way of birth. She supports the idea that intimate connection between the baby and mom is crucial from conception to birth; the emotional, mental and physical binding is priceless. She also believes that optimal nutrition - which includes breastfeeding after birth, exercise and emotional balance - are a foundation for a child’s development and healthy growth. Breastfeeding, she says, “is the most worthy investment you can do for your child’s wellbeing.”

Lilian’s love for all children motivates her in the quest to educate parents in how to nourish their children’s bodies for a healthier life. Her husband (Tom Dirito, a Golf Pro Assistant at Holiday Valley) has shown much love and support for Lili’s career and raising their children naturally, which she says has been an invaluable pillar for their family.

If you are looking for answers on natural motherhood and how to maximize yours and your baby’s health, contact Lilian.

For more information about Lilian Dirito and the many other services she provides, visit or call Lilian direct at 716-244-2114, email, or search her out on Facebook/Lilian Dirito. You can also stop by or call Nature’s Remedy Natural Market, 26 Monroe Street, Ellicottville, NY, phone: 716-699-4372 to book an appointment with Lilian. Let Lilian guide you on a journey to a happier, healthier you.

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