Fab, Flab and Feng Shui

One of my favorite girl bands sang the lyrics, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow …” En Vogue was right; when you are ready to make changes inside yourself, you can’t help but make changes other places too.

This is the premise of Feng Shui. The direct translation means “wind and water.” The study is how our inner world affects our outer world and how our outer world affects our inner world. When you decide to make a change on the inside, you start to see things outside in a new light.

“It is your birthright to be surrounded by beauty, to know peace and joy, to live royally and happily in a sacred home that elevates your life, uplifts your spirit, restores your soul and connects you with the flow of love and prosperity in the universe.” Jagatjoti S. Khalsa, author of the book, Altar Your Space, is quoted above. I would like to add to his thought that knowing peace and joy in our home is just as applicable to our body. What we own and our home affects our mind and our body. How we hold ourselves in our body, such as our head erect or forward, shoulders collapsed closing the chest and heart, feet dragging or stepping softly … these are expressions of energy in the body and the home that we inhabit everyday of our life. If our energy levels are suspect in our body, that might just be a great barometer to check out what is happening in our actual physical home. 

Raise the Energy Bar

Here are some tips and tricks to get your home and your body in optimal high vibrational order and flow that will help to keep you prospering and claiming your birthrights of peace and joy everyday.

The quickest way in Feng Shui to raise the energy of any room is to clean it - sweep or vacuum the floors, wipe counters and remove unwanted items, old magazines and books. The items that are a bit more tricky might be items gifted to you or things you do not realize are in your space - things you didn’t consciously choose for your home; rather they just showed up and you never thought to move them. I liken this to a membership on your bank account that automatically takes money from you every month and you don’t realize it’s happening. What’s worse is that you’re not actually benefiting from the said service. This type of unconscious consumption is a very one-way relationship with that product or item in your house - it’s taking up space or money but it’s not really contributing to your energy or your life.

Pictures can be another energy draining item in our house that we might not consider is affecting us and our energy. The general rule of thumb as per the Western School of Feng Shui is this: if you look at the picture and it makes you feel good, keep it. If you look at that picture a million times a day and it drags you down or makes you feel bad about yourself or remember an unpleasant time, take it down, burn it, shred it … just free yourself from the heaviness for that item. Make room for new pictures - ones that delight you and really reflect the goodness and the blessings in your life.

Another common item in our homes that can become a stagnate energy draining symbol is exercise equipment. If you have a treadmill on your front porch and you haven’t used it in the last year, let it go to a new home where it can be appreciated. Otherwise, every time you see it either consciously or unconsciously it’s talking to you and saying “you’re worthless if you do not use me for exercise.”

The last and overarching tip in Feng Shui to free up and create flow in our home and our body is to take care of clutter or any piles of clothes, paperwork or junk you have lying around. The equal but opposite expression of piles of clutter in our home but in our body is injuries left untreated, dental hygiene gone by the wayside and de-prioritizing general grooming that is simple but no attention paid to for one reason or another.

Live Free

Life can become full and piles can become symbols of a life well lived. Feng Shui is a tool to remember if we become unbalanced for any reason, we can find answers not only in our home but also our body. Once you have your house in order and release items you no longer need, you start to be a better steward of your home and make conscious decisions to surround yourself with only that which you love. When your conscious about your surroundings becomes heightened naturally, you became more conscious of other things in your life like your body. Feeding ourselves only nourishing foods and beverages and surrounding ourselves with people who inspire us and support us is great Feng Shui for life.

The best Feng Shui you can do for your body is to move. Take a walk and simply get things moving in your body. We are pretty much built with an internal meter called emotions that guide us through life. When we remove unwanted items outside ourselves in our home and the intangible in our body, we are able to claim our birthright of living vibrantly and in our natural state of well being. Consider Feng Shui the Ancient Chinese art of placement like an Ace in your pocket available when you need it to recalibrate and live free!

By Dr. Kristina Barlow

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